MOPS MObile, Privacy, and Security Research Group

What We Do

Our research group focuses on various topics around mobile, privacy, and security. Our group does research on security and privacy controls on mobile devices and security and privacy issues in embedding computing (IOT). We also perform research and work on projects involving mobile applications. We are an undergraduate research team at Baldwin Wallace University within the Computer Science department. If you are interested in our work or are a student and would like to join our team, please Contact Us.

Who We Are

Current Members


  • Emily Timko '20 (EMPAware)
  • Kyle Cox '20 (EMPAware)
  • Billy Hicks '20 (EMPAware)
  • Malik Bursey '20 (EMPAware)
  • Chris Banfield '20 (EMPAware)
  • Yongzhe Wang (EMPAware)
  • Briana Laszlo (EMPAware) '20
  • Dan Jesensky '18 (SPEProxy and EMPAware)
  • Amanda Szampias '18 (SPEProxy)
  • Tyler Rupert '18 (Tready)
  • Kurt Wolfe '18 (Tready and EMPAware)
  • Georgina Hasrouni '18 (Tready)
  • Jacob Thornberry (EMPAware)
  • Conner Hartup (EMPAware)
  • Bryan Istenes (Tready)


Campus Plate

Interdisciplinary research project funded by the EPA to help reduce food waste and hunger on college campuses.

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Research project to provide users with Enhanced Mobile Privacy (EMP) awareness in how apps use their data.

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An open source home security project using Raspberry Pis

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A research project to provide enhanced mobile security and privacy controls to users.

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IOT TVRemote

An IOT project where you can control a TV with your smartphone.

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